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JMU Class of 2009

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12th December 2005

good_karma1710:01pm: Hey I'm trying to sell some books, so if you or anyone you know needs them, let me know. I'll sell them cheaper than the bookstore.

I have :
Classics of Moral and Political Theory by Michael Morgan (political Theory)
In the Company of Others (it's a requirement for GCOM)
Writing Arguements - John D. Rampage (Gwrit)
You Decide! 2005: Current Debates in American Politics- John Rourke (Us Gov)
Brief Arlington Reader- Lynn Z. Bloom (GWrit)
The World's Religions- Huston Smith (GRel)

Let me know if you need them! I'll have them til Friday so IM me at SweetCaroline789 or e-mail lheurecm@jmu.edu

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12th July 2005

pinkvisage11:58pm: Well, since everyone else is...
I had orientation on the 11th, so I figured I'd follow the crowd and put up my schedule. Yay for me!

FR 231 M/W/F 10:10-11
GARTH 206 M/W/F 11:15-12:05
GCOM 123 T/TH 8-9:15
GECON 200 T/TH 9:30-10:45
GSOCI 240 T/TH 2-3:15

Hopefully I'll be able to enroll in the other classes that I want for Spring term. *crosses fingers*
Current Mood: nerdy

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gw_cocoa036:43pm: hey! just got back from my orientation on the 11th...here's my schedule

GCOM 121 T/TH 9:30-10:45
GSOCI 210 M/W 2:30-3:45
GWRIT 103 M/W/F 9:05-9:55
PSYC 200 M 11:30-1:110
PSYC 200A T/TH 11:00-12:15 /F 12:15-2:05

comment if u have any classes with me!


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bloomxstar1:40pm: so i had my orientation last friday jluy 8th.. it was better than i expected. my OPA was Scott Bourdeau... he was awesome!! i cant wait till jmu!!! :D

heres my schedule:

• Mathematics 205. Calculus
Tues, Thurs 5:00pm-6:15pm
• Economics 201. Intro to Microeconomics
Tues, Thurs 11:00am-12:15pm
• Political Science 225. Government
Tues, Thurs 3:30pm-4:45pm
Mon 6:30pm-9:00pm
• Communication Studies 123. GCOM- Group Presentations
Mon, Wed, Fri 8:00am-8:50am
• Italian 101. Elementary Italian
Mon, Wed 2:30pm-4:10pm

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11th July 2005

figmentbml2:15pm: loft for sale!
I'm going to be living in Southview next year and no longer have a need for my TimberNest loft. It's the same one that JMU tries to sell you in the mail. It's one year old and in perfect condition. I even have the shelf.

price is negotiable, but I'd like $200 for it, considering I paid $330 last summer.
If you live in NOVA, I can get it to you ASAP. Otherwise I'll be moving in a week before classes start and can bring it with me. Either way, I'm sure it won't be a problem getting it to you.

please e-mail me at lacyem@jmu.edu or figmentbml@aol.com to negotiate or ask any questions you might have. Thanks!!


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6th June 2005

the_geek5:55pm: http://www.protectseals.org/

Don't eat at Red Lobster

'nough said

Prada and Versace are killing the seals -- even the little baby seals.
Kill them. Stop buying their stuff. Tell them not to do it!
(You can get the addresses of these designers and more if you click on the link above)

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18th May 2005

the_geek7:33pm: Check it out yo!

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15th May 2005

oceanwaves178:10pm: TimberNest Loft For Sale
I will be a junior next year and will not be needing my loft. I have used it for the past two years and it is a great space saver. The loft is the same loft that you can buy through the school ( http://www.timbernest.com/TNCollege2/choose_college.cfm ). There is the link if you want to check it out. It has a self, all the parts, and the directions and is in great condition. I'm selling it for $100, where as renting the loft costs more than $300. If you are interested let me know

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12th May 2005

bloomxstar7:07pm: i joined facebook!! add me! :D

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1st May 2005

thiscouldbeluv9:28pm: I can already tell...Facebook is going to be the death of me next year....or my grades, anyways.

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what_it_schwas6:41pm: KIDS!

You will officially be able to set up your JMU webmail account tomorrow at the onebook website.
I'm awesome and figured out how to do it ahead of time.
Don't ask me how, I can't remember.

But my point is. Totally get a facebook. And facebook me.

AND JOIN: Class of 2009.

search for it in "groups"

cheers :)

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figmentbml1:38pm: Loft for Sale!
I'm a freshman this year and I'm living off campus next year so I'm trying to sell my loft.

TimberNest loft with shelf (the company that JMU sends you info about)
one year old and i've been the only owner
I paid $330, but I'm selling it for $200. price can be negotiable.

I live in northern va and I'll most likely be in Harrisonburg when you guys move in, so getting it to you is no problem. I still have all directions and parts- even the magnets to put on it!

Lofts are great space savers! Contact me for more info:
sn: figmentbml or e-mail: lacyem@jmu.edu

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21st April 2005

bagock5:25pm: Choices on Monday
I also went to Choices on Monday. It was very helpful although i already knew i was going to go there. It was helpful for me because i got to see the campus more indepth and since we walked around that thing atleast 2 full times, i'm sure not to get lost in the first week :)

Name: Becca
Age: 18
High School: Herndon -(thats the NOVA area)
Major of Interest: CS (Computer Science)
Other: I'd like to double major in something (if i find something interesting enough) if not, then i'll probably minor in something else. I play tennis, volleyball, and Clarinet (i'll probably join the marching band) :P And i really cant wait to learn fencing and archery.

Thats about it for now, dont want to give away my deepest secrects ;)
Hooray for JMU! Class of 2009 ;D
Current Mood: cheerful

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18th April 2005

goldendaughter10:46pm: I went to choices today as well, and I liked it a lot. I really, really didn't want to go in-state, but I knew as soon as I stepped out of the car that I'd be going to JMU. I got my dad to pay my deposit while I was there, so I'll be joining the crew next year. :)

Current Mood: bouncy

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good_karma1710:43pm: :)
I went to choices today, and even though I was positive that I was going to JMU before, I'm really positive now!!! cheers

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11th April 2005

good_karma1710:12pm: Hey guys! I'm definitly going to JMU! Is anyone else for sure yet?
I'm also going to the choices open house on the 18th. anyone going to that? If you wanna IM me, feel free. It's SweetCaroline789
Later! ~Caroline, NJ

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thiscouldbeluv12:19am: I sent my deposit in last week. =D Is anybody else in here definitely going to JMU?

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2nd April 2005

goldendaughter11:03pm: Introoooo.
Name: Ceanna Van Eaton
Age: 18
Location: Arlington, VA
Intended Major: Theater, maybe double major in political science

I got into JMU last week. It was very exciting, as I only got into two schools. :P So I'm still deciding between JMU and Ithaca...I have to go visit to make up my mind.
Current Mood: amused

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gw_cocoa0310:13am: Name: Kaela
Location: south jerseyyy
intended major: psychology

hey everyone! i was admitted to jmu for early action...and its my top choice school, and i cant wait to go! ive applied to the honors program (should've heard back yesterday :/ but i guess the mail is slow) and if i dont get into the honors program, im going to join the psychology learning community. either way, i will be in gifford hall, the best dorms, so im thrilled for that! im going to the april 18th CHOICES open house, and im so excited to be visiting again!

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good_karma1712:36am: Sorry.. I didn't follow the pattern.

Name: Caroline L'Heureux
Location:Scotch Plains, NJ
Intended Major: Political Science.. minor in prelaw

that's it lol

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good_karma1712:32am: I'm going to JMU!
Hey, my name is Caroline. I just got into JMU last week. It's my top choice so I'm 99.9% sure that's where i'm going. i got into American, Catholic, and Marist.. but JMU is just too beautiful. I'm from NJ, so I'm visiting on the 18th for the CHOICES day. I'm really excited to go there!!

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31st March 2005

so_murderous10:09pm: Hey!

name: Mike
location: New Fairfield, Connecticut
age: 17
intended major: International Business, minor in French

I got accepted last week, trying to make the choice between JMU and University of Vermont.

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30th March 2005

__rebelstyle5:24pm: Hey!
Name: Caitlin
Location: Vienna, Virginia (Northern, right next to Tysons Corner)
Age: 17
Intended Major: Chemistry

I was just accepted last week, and I'm definitely going to JMU, I also applied to UVA but JMU's chemistry department is so much better for undergrads that I don't really care whether I get into UVA or not =)  I've visited a couple times, it's gorgeous!

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17th March 2005

figmentbml10:08pm: loft for sale!!
I am a current freshman at JMU and I want to sell my loft after this semester...

one year old Timber Nest (the kind JMU sent out flyers trying to sell) loft with shelf $200!

It will be available after the spring semester... as i am still sleeping in it! :) But I live in NOVA and could work out a way to get it to where ever you are.

Let me know! sn: figmentbml e-mail: lacyem@jmu.edu

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15th March 2005

bloomxstar3:53pm: name: Patricia
location: Burke, Virginia (Northern Virginia)
age: 17
intended major: International Business and maybe Italian

I was accepted Early Action and I'm 95% sure that i will attend JMU next fall. so far the only other school i got accepted to is Loyola Marymount University... and i still haven't heard from the other schools... but JMU is the only school i applied in Virginia and im probly gonna stay in state

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